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Window That Stand the Test of Time

The Inspection

During our evaluation, we noticed that the house's window and shutters had endured significant wear and tear due to the challenging weather conditions in the area. Some of the shutters were in quite an advanced state of deterioration, with loose components and subpar functionality. It seemed that these features were not properly maintained over time or were originally installed incorrectly.

The Process

We began by taking down all the shutters from the front of the house. Our goal was to ensure a long-lasting installation. Furthermore, we opted to drill fresh holes in the mortar rather than relying on the existing ones. This was done to provide extra stability and durability.

The Result

The client was absolutely delighted to discover that the project had been completed quickly and easily. When he looked at the final result, his excitement was unmistakable. The transformation his home underwent, thanks to the new shutters and window, left him absolutely ecstatic.