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Water Dripping Everywhere

The Inspection

During our inspection, we found that the property had rotten wood, which led to water seepage and visible water stains on the interior walls. Additionally, we noticed that the roof didn't have a proper drainage system, causing water to spread to various parts of the house.

The Process

We solved the problem by completely taking out the old fascia boards that surrounded the house and replacing them with PVC trims.

Additionally, we installed a drip edge to redirect water from the roof into the gutters instead of letting it seep into the fascia boards. To provide extra protection, we wrapped a coil of aluminum trim around the newly installed fascia boards. This guarantees that the fascia boards stay in great shape and are shielded from water damage.

The Result

The client was absolutely thrilled with the result, as this problem had been causing her a lot of stress and anxiety. We were able to provide her with the perfect solution, ensuring that she could have peace of mind knowing that this issue wouldn’t come up again in the future.