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Upgrading the Appearance of a Porch

The Inspection

A comprehensive assessment of an 18' x 7' porch was conducted, including the removal of existing decking boards, shingles, and plywood to evaluate the underlying joists. The front fascia board, measuring 2" x 12", was found to be rotten and marked for replacement.

The Process

The renovation involved removing all compromised materials, which were disposed of in a 15-yard dumpster. New pressure-treated plywood was installed as a base, with a waterproof barrier applied for durability. High-quality 2" x 6" Southern pine decking boards were laid for a solid surface. The front porch was reinforced with 2" x 12" boards, and new white PVC fascia boards were installed to enhance visual appeal and structural integrity.

The Result

The porch restoration was successfully completed, resulting in a robust and weather-resistant outdoor space. The use of pressure-treated materials and waterproof underlayment ensures longevity, while the new fascia boards add a touch of elegance. The project’s execution not only revitalized the porch’s functionality but also its overall aesthetic, delivering a high-quality finish that is both pleasing to the eye and built to last.