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Transforming and Enhancing an Aging Deck

The Inspection

Upon examination, the existing wooden deck and staircase required comprehensive renovation. The deck spanned an area of 1380 square feet and featured aged 2'' x 6'' decking boards and deteriorating 2'' x 10'' interior joists with corresponding joist hangers. The stairway also showcased worn 2'' x 6'' stair boards and substructure stringers in need of replacement.

The Process

The renovation process entailed a meticulous removal of the old decking boards, interior joists, and joist hangers. New pressure-treated (PT) wood joists of 2'' x 10'' were installed using galvanized face mount hangers, meticulously spaced at 16'' on-center (O.C) for optimal support. To enhance durability, Prowood joist tape was applied to each joist for waterproof protection. The decking surface was then reconstructed with high-quality Select Grade-C lumber-treated decking boards, each measuring approximately 1 1/2'' in thickness, 5 1/2'' in width, and 20' in length. The installation was secured using #9 x 3'' wood screws, ensuring a robust attachment to the new joist sub-structure. The stairway received new stair stringers and was finished with matching Select Grade-C lumber-treated decking boards, affixed with #9 x 3'' Star Flat-head wood deck screws.

The Result

The project culminated in a fully restored deck and stairway, boasting a refreshed area of 1380 square feet. The use of premium materials and precise construction techniques resulted in a high-quality, durable outdoor space. The new decking and stairs not only provide enhanced structural integrity but also offer a visually appealing aesthetic that is sure to endure the elements for years to come.