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Both jobs were done on time in a high-quality manner. Very detailed oriented and were quick to respond to any of my comments and suggestions.
Tom B.
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Successful restoration of balconies and shep

The Inspection

Prior to renovation, a comprehensive inspection was conducted. The balcony featured a 20 linear foot perimeter where all existing guard posts and wooden railing were removed. The shed roof, encompassing 300 square feet, underwent a thorough examination post-removal of the old 3-tab asphalt shingles and underlayment. The roof decking was assessed for integrity, with photographic evidence provided to the customer for any areas necessitating additional wood replacement.

The Process

The balcony restoration involved the installation of new pressure-treated (PT) wood posts, with two anchored against the wall and two positioned at the front. These were encased in Veranda Vinyl white sleeve posts for a clean, modern aesthetic. The railing system was upgraded with two 6-foot Veranda Vinyl panels on the sides and an 8-foot panel fronting the balcony. For the shed roof, after ensuring the decking's condition, a synthetic underlayment was laid across the entire 300 square feet. This formed the foundation for the new high-quality GAF Timberline architectural asphalt shingles, preceded by the installation of a starter strip along both sides of the roof.

The Result

The project culminated in a significantly enhanced balcony and shed roof. The balcony now boasts a durable and visually appealing Veranda Vinyl railing system, while the shed roof is protected with top-tier GAF Timberline shingles known for their longevity and aesthetic appeal. Both improvements not only elevate the property’s value but also ensure increased safety and weather resilience. The meticulous process and attention to detail guarantee that the final outcome is of the highest quality, meeting the customer’s expectations for a well-executed renovation.