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Christian and his folks did an outstanding job restoring my deck with Trex. Christian answered all of my questions and provided several options.
Michael S.
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Successful renovation of a deck

The Inspection

A very worried customer got in touch with us, looking for help with their deck because it was in really bad shape, and they were concerned it might have caused accidents down the road. When we checked it out, we found that the deck had suffered visible damage because it hadn't been properly protected, letting the rain continuously damage its structure. We quickly explained to the customer how crucial it was to get the platform fixed right away to keep their family safe.

The Process

Our team kicked off the project by completely taking apart the worn-out deck. We removed all the moldy wood that had been weakening the structure. After that, we went on to put in the new structure, placing each wooden board carefully, as these steps are crucial for ensuring the deck's long-lasting performance. Once the structure installation was done, we applied a protector that would assist in withstanding various weather conditions.

The Result

When the client saw the finished result, he felt genuinely happy and confident. He could tell that the platform had been brought back to a safe and perfect condition. Now, he was sure that he could enjoy it with his family without any concerns about potential risks or hazards.