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Successful recovery of a worn deck

The Inspection

During the inspection, we found a completely deteriorated deck. The wood was rotten, likely due to humidity. This may have occurred because no protective coating had been applied, leaving the wood vulnerable to water damage. The client requested an immediate replacement, as the unstable structure posed a risk to anyone passing through the area.

The Process

We started the project by removing all the damaged boards. Despite the structure's instability, our skilled team successfully disassembled the deck. We then measured, cut, and installed new boards made from a more durable material. Finally, we applied a protective coating to enhance the deck's durability and prevent future damage.

The Result

Upon project completion, the client was genuinely amazed by the stunning transformation of his terrace. Furthermore, he highly praised our team’s dedication and expertise throughout the project. Our professionals not only communicated effectively but also promptly addressed all client inquiries, leaving no room for doubt.