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Solving coating problems

The Inspection

Upon commencement, a thorough inspection of the existing wood sheathing was conducted for the area above and below the deck, spanning approximately 500 square feet across both the first and second stories. This critical step ensured that the underlying structure was sound before proceeding with the renovation.

The Process

The renovation began with removing existing siding, house wrap, nails, and sliding door components. Precision was key as a new house wrap, flashing tape, and Dupont FlexWrap were installed to fortify the wall against moisture. Meticulous attention to detail was applied during the installation of new flashing tape and a J-channel around the sliding door. Starter strips were placed accurately to provide a solid foundation for the siding application. Finally, high-quality Ply Gem Mastic Beaded Horizontal Vinyl siding was installed, revitalizing the home's appearance and ensuring durable protection.

The Result

The project concluded with careful caulking around the sliding door, ensuring a polished, weather-tight seal. Covering 500 square feet, the renovation significantly enhanced the home’s appearance and structural integrity. Meticulous installation and premium materials promise a lasting upgrade, improving the home’s visual charm and reinforcing its defense against the elements for a high-quality, enduring result.