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Siding Issues To Fix

The Inspection

During our inspection, we came across a section of the siding that had been damaged because of a faulty gas fireplace vent cap. This was quite worrisome for the client, not only because it looked unpleasant, but also because it could potentially have caused damage to the wood beneath the siding. Ultimately, the client decided to replace the entire area with new siding that perfectly matched the existing one, including the outside corners.

The Process

To begin the process of replacing the siding, our first step was to determine the type, style, and color needed. As we removed the damaged section, we were surprised to find that the house wrap underneath was also in need of repair. After carefully inspecting the area, we proceeded to re-wrap the house and install the new siding panels.

The Result

The client was overjoyed to see the fully renovated new area, and they were even more thrilled that we managed to find and install siding panels that perfectly matched the existing ones. Other contractors had suggested replacing the entire siding of the house because their suppliers didn’t have the necessary materials in stock. However, we were able to offer a much more satisfying solution.