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Reviving A Living Space

The Inspection

The project commenced with a thorough inspection of the existing structure to ensure compatibility with the new 280 sq ft screened awning roof. Detailed planning was informed by Photo number 3 from the report, which outlined the design framework, and Photo number 7, which illustrated the screen mesh integration.

The Process

The installation process included securely attaching the awning roof ledger to the existing siding, and setting, leveling, and bracing posts to accurately frame the roof. Treated pine wood rafters measuring 2'' x 12'' were carefully aligned with the deck's framing. Plywood sheathing formed the foundation for the roofing materials, with precise installation of flashing and a roof valley to prevent water infiltration. A starter strip, underlayment, and new architectural asphalt shingles were then added in a color-matched scheme. K-style gutters and downspouts were incorporated for efficient water management. The interior design featured an open ceiling with visible trusses, maintaining the specified design throughout the process.

The Result

The finished project highlights a durable and visually appealing screened awning roof that seamlessly integrates with the existing structure. Its triangular shape, with screen mesh sides, combines aesthetics and practicality, enhancing the outdoor space. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure longevity and performance, while the open truss ceiling adds architectural interest. Color-matched shingles and a new gutter system further enhance the home’s exterior and provide weather protection. This meticulous execution exemplifies a perfect fusion of design and durability