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Revitalizing an Aging Porch

The Inspection

The initial assessment revealed a 15' W x 8' L porch requiring extensive refurbishment. The existing wooden decking and interior joists were aged and in need of replacement. Additionally, the wood railing system showed signs of wear with peeling paint and dirt accumulation.

The Process

The renovation began with the careful removal of the old 2" x 6" decking boards and the existing 2" x 8" joists. New pressure-treated (PT) wood joists were installed using galvanized face mount hangers, meticulously spaced at 12" on-center (O.C) for enhanced structural integrity. Each joist was protected with Prowood joist tape to ensure longevity. High-quality Trex Enhance composite decking boards were then laid down, utilizing hidden clip deck screws for a seamless finish. The deck's perimeter was framed with solid Trex Enhance boards for a polished look. The wood railing was prepped by cleaning, sanding off old paint, and then repainted with Sherwin William wood solid paint, ensuring a fresh and durable finish.

The Result

The porch now boasts new, resilient PT wood joists and premium Trex Enhance decking, delivering a robust and low-maintenance outdoor living space. The railing, refreshed with a new coat of paint, complements the porch’s updated aesthetic. Additional attention was given to the rear porch stairs, where structural repairs were made to a stringer, and two damaged boards were replaced, ensuring safety and continuity in design. This comprehensive renovation not only revitalized the porch’s appearance but also enhanced its durability for years to come.