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Revitalizing A Home’s Exterior

The Inspection

Upon initial examination, the attic's siding panel was found detached, necessitating reattachment. Additionally, the soffit area beneath the gutter required cleaning to remove mold and mildew. A window cornice exhibited significant wood damage, calling for a comprehensive restoration.

The Process

The project commenced with the reattachment of the attic's siding panel using 2-inch 6D 304 Stainless Steel Ring Shank Siding Nails, ensuring a secure and durable fix. The soffit was then thoroughly cleaned with a specialized sprayer to eliminate any mold and mildew presence. Attention was turned to the window cornice, where the damaged wood was meticulously removed. A high-quality PVC board was installed along the cornice, chosen for its resilience and low maintenance. To achieve a seamless finish, epoxy wood filler or Bondo was applied to fill any gaps, providing structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The restoration was completed with the application of exterior Sherwin Williams Paint, chosen for its superior weather resistance and color retention.

The Result

The project culminated in a fully restored attic siding and window cornice that not only enhanced the property’s visual appeal but also fortified the structural elements against future wear and tear. The use of premium materials such as stainless steel nails, PVC board, and high-grade paint ensures longevity and a maintenance-free outcome. The meticulous cleaning and gap-filling process have resulted in a polished and professional appearance, reflecting the project’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.