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Restoring and Enhancing a Weathered Deck

The Inspection

Upon initial review, the project entailed the removal of worn-out 2" x 6" wooden decking boards, while preserving the underlying wood framing. The scope also included the refurbishment of a platform step and the enhancement of the surrounding area with new wood benches and replacement of post caps and a fence board.

The Process

The renovation began with the careful dismantling of the existing 190 sq ft of decking, ensuring the structural integrity of the frame was maintained. New pressure-treated (PT) wood decking boards, with nominal dimensions of 2" thick by 6" wide and 16' in length, were meticulously installed. The platform step, measuring 1' deep by 9' long, was similarly decked with the new lumber. All boards were securely fastened using #9 x 3" wood screws. Additionally, two robust wood benches were constructed at strategic locations, utilizing existing posts for support. The project was rounded off with the replacement of two 6" x 6" black post caps on the Gate's Fence and the substitution of a broken 1" x 8" fence board.

The Result

The completion of this project has revitalized the outdoor space, delivering a refreshed and sturdy decking area of 190 sq ft, complemented by functional and aesthetically pleasing wood benches. The attention to detail in replacing the post caps and fence board has ensured a cohesive and high-quality finish. The deck now stands ready to endure the elements and provide a welcoming environment for outdoor activities.