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Renovation of an outdoor living space

The Inspection

A comprehensive evaluation was conducted to assess the condition of the existing outdoor structure. The inspection revealed a wood pergola, railing, an 11'8'' x 11'6'' deck with wood joists, wood stairs, and a 7'6'' tall wood door, all of which required removal to make way for new installations.

The Process

The process involved dismantling the old pergola, railing, deck, stairs, and door. New wood joists were installed 16'' O.C. on the existing concrete walls, reinforced with end joists and 2x blocks. Trex Select decking boards were laid over the joists, including for the stairs. A 4'' x 4'' framework was built for the new railing and pergola. The deck perimeter featured a Prowood railing with black pickets and Trex Select solid boards. The pergola used 4'' x 4'' posts, 2'' x 8'' beams, 2'' x 2'' pickets, and a privacy lattice. A new 7'6'' door was installed. Protective measures included butyl joist tape, flashing tape, and waterproof sealant.

The Result

The project resulted in a modern, durable outdoor living space. The new 11’8” x 11’6” deck and pergola feature high-quality Trex Select materials for longevity and easy maintenance. The new door and waterproofing measures enhance functionality and protection. The renovation is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.