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New Strong Shutters

The Inspection

We were taken aback when we found out that the powerful winds in the area had caused the shutters of the house to become unhooked or even snap in half from the brick siding. As we examined the situation closer, we discovered that many of the neighboring properties had experienced the same problems. It turned out that their shutters were attached using spikes that were cut and the holes were not properly aligned, leaving them prone to damage or dislodging during strong winds.

The Process

The project kicked off by taking down all the shutters at the front of the house. To ensure a stronger hold, we drilled fresh holes into the mortar instead of the brick, making them deeper to avoid the need for cutting new spikes. This ensured that the new shutters would be securely fastened and able to fulfill his role effectively.

The Result

After we explained the root of the problem and our proposed solution to the client in a clear manner, we could see her visibly relax and she expressed her gratitude. Before long, other neighbors in the area reached out to us to address similar issues.