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New door, new look for the home

The Inspection

The project commenced with a thorough examination of the existing structure to ensure compatibility with the new installation. The removal of the old 2-panel sliding door was meticulously executed, followed by the careful dismantling of angle brackets. A detailed inspection of the rough opening areas was conducted to assess the need for any preparatory work prior to the new door installation.

The Process

After the initial preparation, the team applied a flexible, leakproof flashing designed to provide long-term protection against moisture intrusion. A sill pan was installed to further enhance the door's weather resistance. The new 2-panel sliding door was then carefully caulked and installed, ensuring a perfect fit within the frame. Precision tools were used to square and securely fasten the frame, guaranteeing structural integrity and smooth operation.

The Result

The installation culminated in a polished finish both inside and out, reflecting the high quality of craftsmanship. The new sliding door not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the screened deck platform but also improves functionality and energy efficiency. The project, encompassing a significant upgrade to the property, was completed with attention to detail and adherence to the highest industry standards, ensuring a result that is both visually pleasing and durable.