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Increasing the exterior beauty

The Inspection

Upon initial assessment, 16 shutters on the front facade of the residence were earmarked for removal. The house featured a combination of brick and vinyl siding, each requiring specific shutter dimensions for optimal fit and aesthetics.

The Process

The renovation process entailed the meticulous removal of the existing shutters. Subsequently, new shutters were installed systematically: 6 shutters measuring 15” W x 81” H were affixed to the brick siding, while 8 shutters measuring 15” W x 55” H were mounted on the vinyl siding. Attention to detail was paramount in ensuring a seamless integration with the house's exterior. The rear of the house saw the installation of 12 additional shutters, distributed as 4 shutters measuring 15” W x 39” H and 8 shutters measuring 15” W x 47” H. During installation, a deliberate gap was maintained between the shutters and the vinyl siding to promote air circulation.

The Result

The project’s completion resulted in a visually cohesive and refreshed appearance of the house’s exterior. The newly installed shutters not only enhanced the property’s curb appeal but also met functional requirements, including improved ventilation. The careful selection of shutter sizes and the strategic installation process underscore the project’s high-quality outcome.