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Flawless Deck and Railing Installations

The Inspection

Upon initial assessment, the existing wood deck at the rear of the house was slated for removal. The project scope included excavating footing holes as per the new deck plans and dismantling two existing window wells adjacent to the deck area.

The Process

The project began with demolishing the old deck and placing debris in a 15-yard dumpster. Footings were dug to a depth of 24 inches, with an 18-inch diameter base flared to meet building codes. High-quality ready-mix concrete was used for the footings. The 240 sq ft deck was built with Pressure Treated Southern Pine #2. White vinyl Prowood railing added safety and aesthetics. A staircase was added for access, with rim and end joists for strength. White lattice work was installed underneath, with an Olympic waterproof sealer. Two window wells were replaced with new ones, measuring 25" x 36" and 41" x 40", using 57 Gravel stone for drainage.

The Result

The completed project boasts a robust and visually appealing 240-square-foot deck at the rear of the house, featuring a sophisticated white vinyl railing system and a practical staircase. The deck’s longevity is ensured by the application of a professional-grade waterproof sealer. The newly installed window wells not only enhance the exterior but also provide improved drainage solutions. This comprehensive renovation has increased the functionality of the outdoor space and added value to the property through the use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship.