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Exterior Trims Replacement

The Inspection

At the inspection, the client requested replacing the window and door trims due to their poor condition and decay. The original installation was inadequate, causing visible damage and paint peeling. If not addressed promptly, this would have had a negative impact on the house's visual appeal despite it being only two years old. The most concerning thing was the water seeping through the decayed wood, which needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

The Process

We began the process by removing the existing trim around all of the windows and doors on the four sides of the house. After that, we custom-cut and installed the new PVC trim. To finish off the job, we applied a coat of Sherwin Williams Primer + Emerald Trim Paint, designed specifically for outdoor use, and sealed the new trims with caulking for a lasting finish.

The most difficult element of the task was probably the extraction of the caulking that had been affixed to the siding panels and was used to seal the broken trim around the doors and windows. Removing it without damaging the panel was a difficult endeavor.

The Result

The client was astounded by the excellent quality of our trim installation. Furthermore, he was ecstatic with the color and luminosity of the paint, which surpassed his expectations. Moreover, he praised us for our exceptional service, skill, and communication throughout the entire project.