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Enhancing the Curb Appeal of a Home

The Inspection

The initial assessment involved a 12' x 6' wood deck entrance and associated stairs. The structure was due for an upgrade to meet current standards and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The Process

The renovation began with demolishing the old deck and stairs and responsibly disposing of the debris. Footings were dug to a depth of 24 inches with an 18-inch flared base to meet local codes. High-quality ready-mix concrete set the footings. A 72 sq ft deck was rebuilt using #2 Pressure Treated Southern Pine. Prowood railing systems added security, with a ledger and joists ensuring deck integrity. The stairway was upgraded with new stringers, 4x4 posts, wood steps, and Prowood railings. The entrance walkway was refreshed with new stringers, concrete footings, and wood boards.

The Result

The project culminated in a robust and visually appealing deck entrance spanning 72 square feet, complete with a secure 7-step stairway. The use of Pressure Treated Southern Pine and Prowood Railing ensures longevity and safety. The meticulous installation process, compliant with local ordinances, guarantees a high-quality finish that enhances the property’s value and functionality.