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Building an Egress Window

The Inspection

After speaking with the client, we uncovered that he had recently completed the construction of a new basement room; however, this one had no natural light sources, much less an emergency exit. The client desired to fill the room with light while saving on electricity expenses as well.

The Process

After fully understanding the client's requirements to install an egress window that would illuminate the room and serve as an emergency exit, we proceeded with the execution of the project. The first step was acquiring the necessary DCRA permit. Once the permission was granted, we proceeded to excavate and cut the wall for the placement of the window. Despite the lengthy process, the project was completed to a great standard, successfully.

The Result

Before the project was completed, we made sure to pass all DCRA inspections and meet all client requirements with the utmost care and attention to detail. Once finished, the client told us that working with us had been the best experience he had ever had with a contractor company. We are proud of our work and strive to make our clients’ dreams a reality every day.