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Deck Revamp: Staining Transformation

The Inspection

Initial evaluation of the deck area revealed that while the new wood did not require power washing, there were spots in need of cleaning and chipping areas that necessitated sanding. The assessment covered the entire first-level flooring, step-down deck, wooden benches, structural posts, beams, joists, and the underside of the second-level decking.

The Process

The project commenced with meticulous preparation, safeguarding the adjacent siding and back door with plastic sheeting to prevent stain spillage. Cleaning was performed on targeted dirty spots, followed by careful sanding of chipping regions to ensure a receptive surface for staining. We utilized a high-grade Behr solid deck stain, methodically applied to all designated areas, including the decking boards, step-down, benches, 6 x 6 posts, 2'' x 12'' beams, 2'' x 8'' joists, and the lower section of the second-level flooring.

The Result

Upon completion, the deck was left to cure for a full 48 hours, resulting in a uniformly stained and revitalized outdoor space. The solid stain application has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also promises increased durability and protection for the wood against the elements. The comprehensive scope of work encompassed a substantial area, ensuring every component of the deck was addressed and improved, reflecting a professional, high-quality finish.