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Deck and Stair Renovation

The Inspection

The project commenced with the careful dismantling of the existing wood decking across a 320 sq ft area, followed by a thorough inspection of the underlying joists. The client were promptly informed of any joists in need of replacement to ensure the integrity of the structure.

The Process

Post-inspection, all joists were fortified with Prowood waterproof joist tape to provide long-lasting protection against moisture. High-quality Trex Select decking boards in Pebble Grey were meticulously installed using hidden clip deck screws sized #9 x 3''. For a polished appearance, solid Trex Select boards framed the deck's perimeter. The renovation extended to the four deck stairs, where existing stair boards were replaced with new Trex Select boards, and enhanced with the addition of new stair lights for safety and aesthetic appeal.

The Result

The renovation resulted in a transformed outdoor space, boasting a pristine 320 sq ft Trex Select deck in Pebble Grey, complete with a durable, weather-resistant finish. The deck stairs received a similar upgrade, ensuring a cohesive look and improved functionality. The use of professional-grade materials and fasteners guarantees the longevity of the deck and stairs, providing the customer with a low-maintenance, high-quality outdoor living area.