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Patio installation

Building a stunning concrete patio

The Inspection

During the inspection of the client's property, we were shown a large expanse of grass in the backyard. The client expressed their desire to transform the space into a place where he and his family could enjoy special moments together. After discussing the possibilities with the HCS Exterior team, it was concluded that the best solution was a patio. This new addition would create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for the family to relax and share quality time.

The Process

After understanding the scope of the project and collecting all the client's requirements, we proceeded with the execution of the project. First, we delineated the work area; then, we conducted a small excavation where we could lay the concrete foundation for the patio. Finally, we added the color of choice, as per the client's preference.

The Result

Once the project was completed, the client was delighted with the result as the meticulous attention to detail, quality of materials, and craftsmanship were all clearly evident.