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Building A Dream Deck

The Inspection

The client reached out to us with a lot of concern about the state of her deck. We quickly agreed to conduct an inspection. During the inspection, we discovered that the deck was in very bad shape. The structure was unstable and needed immediate replacement because it posed a risk of collapsing and causing serious accidents to anyone nearby.

We also noticed that the staircase was completely damaged. The wood had lost its color and showed signs of neglect. This may have been due to a lack of proper maintenance.

The Process

To kick off the project, we initiated by removing all the worn wood from both the deck and the stairs. Subsequently, we meticulously dismantled the structure, including the fragile stair beams that displayed clear signs of wear and tear.

Following this, we proceeded to install a new substructure, which included the foundation, posts, beams, and joists. We consistently incorporated new solid Trex Enhance Gray deck boards. Additionally, we implemented a new railing to bolster safety measures.

Ultimately, we ensured complete coverage of all the edge joists (wood fascia) around the deck through the installation of gray fascia boards. We took great care in firmly and securely attaching each step.

The Result

The project concluded with an exceptionally high-quality finish. Our team’s dedication and technical prowess shone through, ensuring that every aspect of the construction adhered strictly to local building regulations. Solid foundations were put in place, underpinning the deck’s durability and safety. Despite challenges, the project was completed with expertise, resulting in a robust and aesthetically pleasing structure that will stand the test of time.