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Bringing New Life To An Old Deck

The Inspection

When our client reached out to us, he was understandably worried about his neglected deck. We could see that it hadn't been properly taken care of, and the wear and tear had become a significant safety hazard. We swiftly identified the root cause of the problem, which was poor weight distribution, and made sure to act on it right away to ensure the safety of our client's family. Our client stressed the urgency of the situation, and we responded accordingly.

The Process

Firstly, we had to take apart the decking planks with care because of their deteriorated state. Our team carefully unscrewed each plank from the rafters one by one. Then, we replaced the old structure with a sturdier and more durable material. Finally, we applied a protective stain to the decking to enhance its longevity.

The Result

The client was absolutely amazed by the transformation of the platform. He was blown away by the level of competence and expertise we displayed throughout the project, which led him to praise our exceptional performance.