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Bringing life to an old deck

The Inspection

After a long period of neglect, it was discovered that the condition of the deck had severely worsened. Additionally, an inspection revealed significant damage to the deck's support structure. This posed a danger to people near the deck.

These problems arose due to either insufficient maintenance or the use of low-quality materials, which made the situation worse with the growth of mold. Failing to take immediate action could have led to a disastrous event for anyone in the area. To prevent such incidents in the future, the client requested a thorough renovation of the deck to ensure its stability and safety.


The Process

Initially, the deck railings were removed, followed by the careful removal of the deck boards. The task of removing the mold-infested stair beams was also taken on. The deck structure was then restored by replacing it with waterproof boards to prevent future mold growth. Finally, the remaining components were used to construct the deck and securely fastened into place.

The Result

The client was absolutely astonished by the transformation of the deck. He was impressed by our skill and knowledge, which was evident in every phase of the project. We offered expert advice, facilitated the required permits, and made ourselves readily available for inspections. The client commended us for our outstanding work.