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Bringing a siding to life

The Inspection

The client requested that the siding of their house be thoroughly cleaned, as it had been neglected and was now covered in green moss and black dirt spots. This had caused the house to appear unkempt and unappealing, highlighting the need for regular maintenance.

If immediate action was not taken, the moss would continue to spread, leading to a potential issue with the Homeowners Association.

The Process

We began by thoroughly powerwashing the siding with soap. Once the entire house was powerwashed, we then inspected it carefully to identify any areas that needed further attention.

In order to properly access certain difficult-to-reach areas, a special extension of up to 18 cm was required due to the height of the project. Additionally, it proved to be a challenge to remove the green moss that had firmly attached itself to the siding.

The Result

The client was astounded by our impeccable work and dedication to cleaning every nook and cranny, even the most hard-to-reach ones. He was also impressed that we had managed to access the trickiest parts of his siding and that we had also employed the powerwash on his porch, achieving outstanding results.