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Bringing a Deck To Life

The Inspection

The client wanted to ensure the longevity and security of the newly-built deck by staining it, which would not only provide increased protection but also lend it a vibrant hue. Without this step, the wood of the deck would have been more susceptible to decay and would not have been as secure.

The Process

We gave the newly installed wooden decking thirty days to dry before starting, then lightly sanded it to check if it was dry. To finish, we applied two coats of Sherwin Williams stain to the decking boards, railings and stairs; the first coat for a solid finish, and the second coat to give it a glossy look.

The Result

The client was astonished by the precision of the details and emphasized our dedication to excellence when selecting premium materials, such as the superior Stain from Sherwin Williams. He was amazed at how the quality of the materials truly made a difference in the finished product.