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The HCS team arrived on time daily, provided meticulous repairs, added structure support, and reconstruction of the deck. Christian arrived daily providing team supervisory guidance and support.
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Breathing New Life Into A Deck

The Inspection

During the inspection of the deck, we came across several sections that had been damaged. Luckily, these areas didn't affect the structural integrity of the deck. To make sure that the client was safe, we recommended replacing all the sections that were in poor condition since they could have been a serious risk for her family members.

The Process

After we reported the condition of her deck to the customer, we both agreed that the best solution for the damaged parts was to replace them. We began removing all the pieces of the damaged deck and measuring the new pieces that were to be installed. Once the new pieces were in place, we applied a stain of color to make sure it looked consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

The Result

The client was blown away by the incredible transformation of her deck. We were able to showcase our skill and experience throughout the project, and she could definitely see it!