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Breathing life into a deck

The Inspection

The client got in touch with us because he was worried about how his deck looked and whether it was safe. After checking it out carefully, we found that the deck was in pretty bad shape. The wood was starting to rot, which could make the deck unsafe and even cause it to fall apart. We quickly let the client know that it's important to fix the deck right away to keep his family safe.

The Process

The project commenced with the dismantling of the existing structure, which we identified as being in a severe state of disrepair. Subsequently, we responsibly disposed of all deteriorated and damaged wood. With the old materials removed, we proceeded to install new, high-quality deck components specifically engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions. This step ensured not only an aesthetic upgrade but also a significant improvement in the deck's overall safety and durability.

The Result

Our client was ecstatic about the remarkable transformation of his deck. His joy was evident upon its completion, and he was effusive in his praise for the outstanding craftsmanship displayed by the entire HCS Exterior team. We not only met all of his expectations but also took the time to address any questions he had throughout the project, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for him.