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HCS did an amazing job replacing our old hardwood deck with a composite one that turned out absolutely beautiful!
Cassandra C.
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Boosting Home Value with an Updated Deck

The Inspection

The project commenced with a thorough examination of the existing deck structure. The assessment confirmed that the underlying joists were structurally sound and suitable for reuse, which provided a reliable foundation for the new decking installation.

The Process

The renovation process involved the meticulous removal of all old decking boards to make way for the new materials. High-quality Trex Enhance decking boards were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These boards were expertly installed using hidden clips and deck screws measuring #9 x 3'', ensuring a seamless and secure fit. Special attention was given to the deck's perimeter, where solid decking boards from the same Trex Enhance series were utilized to create a polished and cohesive edge.

The Result

The deck refurbishment was successfully completed, resulting in a visually stunning and structurally robust outdoor living space. The use of Trex Enhance materials not only enhanced the deck’s appearance but also ensured long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements. The precision in execution and attention to detail in the installation process are evident in the flawless finish of the deck, which now stands ready to provide a superior outdoor experience for years to come.