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Beautifying a house with a stamped concrete patio

The Inspection

The project commenced with a thorough examination of the subsoil conditions, followed by the establishment of batter boards for precise layout. A 400 square foot area (20' x 20') was marked for the patio, ensuring all preparations were in place for a successful excavation.

The Process

After compacting the subsoil, a base was prepared with a slight slope of 1 inch per 4 feet to facilitate water drainage. Wood frames were installed to define the area for the concrete pour. High-quality concrete was then poured into the 400 sq ft area, meticulously leveled to create a flat surface. Following the pour, the concrete was allowed to cure for 24-48 hours. Subsequently, the surface was cleaned, washed, dried, and sealed to ensure durability. Additionally, a change order introduced the installation of a weed barrier fabric beneath the deck over 315 sq ft, topped with river rock to enhance drainage.

The Result

The completed project boasts a robust and aesthetically pleasing 20′ x 20′ concrete patio, with improved longevity and maintenance features. The incline ensures efficient water runoff, while the sealed surface promises ease of upkeep. The inclusion of a weed barrier and river rock in a 315 sq ft area not only augments drainage but also adds to the visual appeal. This comprehensive approach guarantees a high-quality, sustainable outdoor space for recreation and relaxation.