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Achieving the Deck of your Dreams

The Inspection

The client had mentioned that they wanted to keep the platform's original design. But when we inspected it, we discovered that the deck was in pretty bad shape: the deck frame had rotted, and the wood on the stairs and railings was covered in mold. We had to take immediate action to ensure a safe surface, as walking on the stairs could have led to an accident at any moment.

The Process

We kicked off the project by carefully removing the old deck and getting rid of all the decayed wood from the stairs and railing. Next, we went ahead and constructed the necessary wooden framework for the new platform, ensuring we used high-quality materials and adhered to all safety regulations. On top of that, we made the decision to incorporate a rainwater drainage system. This way, when it rained, the water would be channeled through the gutters, keeping it away from the new wood and ensuring a longer lifespan for the platform. Finally, we affixed the deck boards and railings, and we lightly sanded the top rails to guarantee there were no rough edges or splinters that could potentially cause harm.

The Result

The client was really pleased with the finished project and mentioned how we breathed new life into his home. We maintained great communication with the client all along, ensuring they were in the loop at every stage. He especially appreciated that we could help him pick out top-notch materials and was thrilled about the water channeling system we put in place. These little details show that you can keep counting on us.