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A Successful Trims Restoration

The Inspection

The client asked for the discolored and worn parts of the door and window trims to be painted or replaced straight away; failing to do this could lead to more fading, giving the home a look of being old and unpainted, possibly resulting in higher costs.

The Process

To begin, we safeguarded the regions adjoining those which were intended to be painted. Subsequently, we substituted the deteriorated wood trims with PVC trims. Lastly, we painted windows and doors by applying two layers of paint in each area.
One of our challenges was that some parts of the painted window trims were located in hard-to-reach spots on the second floor. Furthermore, many window borders weren't well sealed, indicating potential leakage, so we applied caulking to seal them properly.

The Result

The client was astonished by the tremendous contrast between the “pre” and “post” renovated entrance of the house, and commended the team for their creative choice of color for the doors.