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A Successful Trims Restoration

The Inspection

The client made a request for the replacement of their garage trims during the inspection due to their poor condition and deterioration.

Upon carrying out an examination, it was found out that the trims had been exposed to water for a period of twenty years, which resulted in rot. Furthermore, termites had caused damage to the framing, which created a safety concern for the client upon entering the garage. As a result, swift action was deemed necessary.

The Process

We began the process by removing the damaged trim surrounding the entire garage.

After having removed the trim from all three garages, we proceeded to measure, cut, and install the new PVC trim.

Finally, we applied Sherwin Williams Primer + Emerald Trim Paint to coat the trim; this paint is formulated specifically for outdoor use. We then sealed the trim with caulk to guarantee a finish that will last for a long time.

The Result

Our client expressed complete satisfaction with the high level of quality of our trim installation services. Additionally, she appreciated our excellent customer service, expertise, and efficient communication throughout the entire duration of the project.