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A Successful Trims Replacement

The Inspection

The client requested the replacement of the trims on his windows because they were in poor condition. Upon inspection, we concluded that this was due to a lack of proper maintenance, resulting in visible damage and peeling paint. The client expressed a strong desire for quick replacement of the trims as they were negatively affecting the appearance of his home.

The Process

We began by removing all the damaged trims surrounding the windows in the house. Once the damaged moldings were removed, we proceeded to measure the areas where the new ones would be installed. Subsequently, we cut the fresh moldings based on the measurements taken. Finally, we started the installation of the new PVC trims. As a finishing touch, we applied a protective coating to enhance their durability and prevent water infiltration.

The Result

The client was really impressed with how we completed his project. He was super happy with how much better his home looked. He specifically mentioned how great the service, experience, and communication were throughout the whole project.