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A Successful Shutters Replacement

The Inspection

During the inspection, we found out that the strong winds in the area had really worn out the shutters in the house. Some of them were even hanging loose. Turns out, they didn't receive proper maintenance or were installed improperly. But that's not all! After taking a closer look, we realized that most of the neighboring properties were facing the same problems.

The Process

The project kicked off by taking down all the shutters at the front of the house. And to make sure they would stay put for a good while, we decided to drill new holes in the mortar instead of the brick. We even made them deeper for extra stability.

The Result

The client was thrilled to see that the task was easy and finished in no time. When she laid eyes on the end result, he couldn’t contain his excitement. The fresh new look of his home made him ecstatic.