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A Successful Exterior Trims Replacement

The Inspection

The client requested new, high-quality trims for the windows, as the existing ones, which were not meant for outdoor use, had been installed poorly and were in a state of disrepair. If the replacement wasn't done promptly, water seepage through the rotten wood could have occurred, which would have detracted from the look of the two-year-old house.

The Process

We started by removing the damaged trim around the house's windows. Once that was complete, we cut and installed new PVC trims in the areas where the old trim had been removed. To finish, we applied Sherwin Williams Primer + Emerald Trim Paint, specifically designed for exterior applications, and caulking to seal the new trims.

The job was successfully completed despite the difficulty we encountered when attempting to remove the caulking that had firmly adhered to the siding panels, sealing the old trim around the windows.

The Result

The customer was astounded by the expert finish of our team’s fitting of the trims. He remarked on the incredible transformation in color and shine, and praised the exceptional service, expertise, and communication provided during the job. We are ecstatic with the result and overjoyed by the customer’s glowing remarks.