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A Successful Door Replacement

The Inspection

Our team received a call from a client worried about the state of their door, which had deteriorated and made them feel insecure. When we took a look at it, we found that the door was severely damaged, with even the handle broken. If we didn't take action, the safety of the client and their family would be at risk. So, we recommended that the door be replaced as soon as possible.

The Process

To start the replacement process, our team first detached the door handle. Since there was glass present that could cause harm if not properly handled, we carefully removed the door. Once we safely removed the door, we moved on to installing the replacement.

The Result

Our client was thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by our team, both in terms of speed and quality. He also commended us on our attention to detail when completing the project and for keeping him in the loop throughout the entire process of selecting the perfect door. It’s always great to hear that our efforts are appreciated!