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A successful deck staining

The Inspection

After completing the deck's remodeling, we revisited to assess its finish and protection needs. The deck looked fantastic, a clear reflection of our dedication to quality. However, to maintain its fresh appearance and guard against weather damage, we advised the homeowner on the benefits of a protective stain and seal. This simple step ensures that their investment remains vibrant and durable for the years ahead.

The Process

After we had finished installing the new deck, we decided to wait a few days for the wood to dry before we began painting. When those days of waiting were over, we started gently sanding to confirm if it had dried properly. Next, we applied two coats of Sherwin Williams stain to the deck boards, railings, and stairs. The first coat was for a solid finish, and the second coat was to give it a glossy look, making it really pop.

The Result

The client was absolutely thrilled when he saw the transformation of his project from start to finish. He couldn’t help but praise the outstanding communication from our entire team. He also made a special mention of our unwavering commitment to excellence, particularly in our choice of top-quality materials like the amazing Sherwin Williams Stain.