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A Successful Deck Restoration

The Inspection

The client wanted to keep the same layout of the existing deck, but due to its poor and rotten condition, it required immediate action to be taken in order to avoid an unsafe walking surface. Furthermore, the discoloration of the wood had caused the client to be obligated to replace the deck in order to comply with the regulations of his Homeowner's Association.

The Process

We began by carefully removing the old deck and disposing all the wood in the dumpster. We then went on to construct the necessary wooden framework for the new deck, making sure to use quality materials and to adhere to all safety regulations. Finally, we laid the decking boards and railings, lightly sanding the top rails to ensure that there were no sharp edges or splinters that could cause potential harm.

The Result

The client was amazed at the transformation of the deck, remarking how it gave the house a much more vibrant look. Throughout the project, there was great communication with the client, keeping him informed of each step. Most notably, he was delighted that we were able to source the exact color for the stairs’ handle, even though it was not in stock anywhere else.