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A Successful Deck Restoration

The Inspection

After conducting a thorough examination of the deck, it was detected that various portions, including the staircase, had suffered harm. Consequently, it was rendered hazardous for pedestrians. Fortunately, none of these damaged segments had any impact on the platform's overall stability. To ensure the client's welfare, it was suggested that the damaged parts of the surface be swapped out, and a fresh handrail be installed on the stairs to enhance security.

The Process

After communicating the condition of their deck, it was concluded that the best course of action for the deteriorated deck and ladder components was to substitute them. Following this, we began fitting the new stair railing after the new pieces were set up. Finally, we verified that the color was uniform and visually pleasing.

The Result

After replacing all the damaged parts, we offered our clients a tour of the finished project to showcase the final outcome and obtain their approval. Upon seeing the remarkable transformation of their deck, our clients were astonished and expressed full contentment with the professionalism of our team.