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Successful restoration of a deck substructure

The Inspection

When our team received a request to restore a deck's sub-structure, we discovered that the frame was in much worse shape than anticipated. It was severely compromised and posed a significant danger to our client and their family's safety. On top of that, the unstable structure made it unsafe to even use the deck. To avoid potential accidents and preserve the house's aesthetics, we had to act fast!

The Process

To fix the substructure of the deck, we first had to remove all the compromised sections. This meant carefully detaching the posts, footing, and beams. Our main objective was to replace all the damaged parts that could potentially cause harm to anyone using the deck.

The Result

The client was blown away by the difference in the appearance of their deck before and after the restoration. He was particularly impressed by the exceptional attention to detail shown by the supervisor and the team’s professionalism throughout the project.