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A Successful deck repair

The Inspection

A comprehensive evaluation revealed a compromised section of the deck, including a sunken area with deteriorated boards and a damaged 2" x 8" fascia board along one side. The inspection identified the need for replacement of two additional boards on the walkway, ensuring the integrity and safety of the deck structure.

The Process

The restoration commenced with the removal of the defective boards within the sunken section and the walkway. Subsequently, a new footing and a sturdy 4 x 4 post were installed to provide robust support. A fresh 2" x 8" fascia board was mounted, restoring the deck's aesthetic appeal. The process culminated with the installation of five new 2" x 6" decking boards, meticulously selected to match the deck's design and ensure longevity.

The Result

The deck refurbishment was completed successfully, resulting in a rejuvenated outdoor space that is both structurally sound and visually appealing. The new components have enhanced the deck’s durability, offering a secure and inviting environment for leisure and entertainment. The project’s scope and execution reflect a commitment to high-quality workmanship, ensuring the deck will be enjoyed for years to come.