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A Successful Concrete Porch Replacement

The Inspection

The client wanted to replace the concrete entrance and porch stairs, as the slab had sunk beneath them and the wood structure was in a precarious condition. Ignoring the problem would have only caused the platform to sink further and the wood to deteriorate, creating a hazardous situation. Additionally, the aesthetics of the area were unappealing and uninviting.

At the time of installation, the concrete platform was faulty and the slab was slanted towards the side of the stairs, making it highly susceptible to sinking further with the exertion of weight. Furthermore, the decking boards were composite while the supporting structure was made of wood, further exacerbating the risk of sinking.

The Process

We began by taking down the porch stairs, followed by carefully demolishing the concrete beneath. Afterward, we set up the framework for the new concrete, allowing it to dry for 48 hours prior to installing the fresh stairs. The tricky part was that the decking had been affixed with nails instead of screws, making it harder to take off without breaking them. Additionally, the concrete we demolished was thicker than anticipated, making it more laborious to tear down.

The Result

The client was amazed by the swiftness and excellence of the service we offered. He also praised our meticulous attention to detail in finishing the project.