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A Professional Restoration

The Inspection

We came across a property built in 1998 that clearly hadn't received proper maintenance for a long time. It was obvious from the condition of the wooden cornices around the windows and garage, which were in bad shape. Additionally, there were several areas of the siding that had been damaged, with moss growth and other signs of neglect.

The Process

The client wanted to spruce up the exterior of his property and was looking for trustworthy options that would also give it a nice look. After discussing with the HCS Exterior team, we decided to go ahead with a complete renovation. We fixed and replaced any damaged wood on the cornices and the garage door casing. To get rid of the moss, we did a thorough power-wash and finished it off by painting the entire repaired area with a specialized exterior paint that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Result

The client was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the exterior restoration and cleaning. Both sides of the house underwent a remarkable transformation, greatly enhancing its curb appeal. The client was overjoyed to see his home looking its very best.