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Selected HCS out of a few contractors to replace the roof at my parent's townhouse. HCS has been nothing but professional throughout the process.
Tenzin J.
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New Roof For Peace of Mind

The Inspection

Upon inspecting the roof, we discovered numerous areas where water had infiltrated the house due to high winds that had dislodged the shingles, allowing water to enter through the roof's nails. After removing the shingles and underlayment, we found significant amounts of rotten wood and corroded roofing nails. If the client had not acted quickly, the issue could have spread throughout the entire roof, compromising its wooden structure.

The Process

We began the project by completely replacing all of the damaged wood. Additionally, we installed new underlayment, drip edges, starter strips, and topped it off with one of the best lines of asphalt shingles: Landmark, Certainteed's premium brand.

The Result

Throughout the project, communication was kept open with the client, ensuring that they were informed of all the necessary changes and repairs to guarantee quality and lasting results. Upon completion, the client was delighted with the outcome of the new roof, expressing his satisfaction with the work.