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A Leaking Roof

The Inspection

Upon inspection, we found the roof in a state of disrepair. The vents and turbines were not functioning correctly, and the tile granules were worn and covered in algae (black spots). To remedy the situation, we decided to completely replace the shingles, the ridge vents, and all the existing turbines.

The Process

To ensure we were making the best decision, we conducted a thorough preliminary inspection of the roof to determine if a complete roof replacement was necessary. After considering the client's years of issues with the roof and it's current state, we concluded that a roof replacement was the best option.

We began the project by carefully removing all tiles and accessories from the roof. We then proceeded to replace every damaged shingle, turbine, and wood.

The Result

The client was overjoyed to see that his problems had been resolved and, more importantly, that the new roof gave the house an aesthetically pleasing look. Undoubtedly, the client deemed the project to be a worthwhile investment from the beginning to the end.