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A Family’s Dream Patio

The Inspection

Upon inspection, we found a large and complex lot for a new patio project. The main challenge was that the designated space was situated beneath an existing platform, making the design of the project more intricate and complex.

The Process

We collected all the requirements and needs that the client had, including the area, the zone, the height, and other aspects that the project entailed. After offering the client a range of natural stone alternatives, he finally decided on one of the most popular materials today: Pennsylvania Stone.

Throughout the execution, there was plenty of opportunity for dialogue and requests for new requirements from the client. Our primary objective is to make customers happy, and thus, we adjusted the scope and continued with the project.


The Result

The result was a stunning natural stone patio with a fire pit and wall to sit on. It was the perfect spot for the client to enjoy happy moments with family and friends.